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Maya Grisham

Patriotic Passion Crystal Heart Clutch

Patriotic Passion Crystal Heart Clutch

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Indulge in the vivid hues of your country's flag thoughtfully arranged in a love heart-shaped clutch, evoking a profound sense of pride and connection to your heritage. Our crystal flag clutches are meticulously crafted with precision, showcasing the vibrant colours of your nation's emblem in a stunning array of crystal brilliance. Each piece seamlessly blends craftsmanship with national pride, creating a distinctive fashion accessory where patriotism converges with timeless elegance.

Kindly enter the country flag of your choice into the designated box during the checkout process.

Handling time :

The creation of this item will commence upon receipt of your order, and the production process will take approximately 4-30 days to be meticulously completed. 

Measurements :

-Width: 13cm
-Height: 11cm
-Depth: 5cm

Inside Material:

-Vegan leather

Detachable metal chain included

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