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Maya Grisham

Crystal Tayto Crisp Clutch

Crystal Tayto Crisp Clutch

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Introducing our Crystal-Embellished Tayto Crisp Bag – the epitome of whimsy and elegance for the discerning crisp connoisseur. 

With a penchant for witty banter and a knack for delivering the perfect roast (the humorous kind, of course!), unlike Mr Tayto our bag is for no ordinary couch potato! You'll often it's wearers mingling at various social events, spreading laughter and charm wherever they go.

Everyone's eyes will be peeled on you as you make your way through the crowd, exuding confidence and style with every step. Whether as a statement piece or a conversation starter, our Crystal-Embellished Tayto Crisp Bag is sure to turn heads and spark smiles wherever you take it.

Width; 15cm

Length: 23cm

Depth: 6cm

Handling time :

The creation of this item will commence upon receipt of your order, and the production process will take approximately 25 -  40 days to be meticulously completed. Personalized design options are available. We invite you to get in touch with us for further details.

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