Collection: Glittering Nations Collection

Introducing our dazzling "Glittering Nations" collection – a mesmerizing ensemble of sparkly bags meticulously crafted to represent the flags of various countries. Each bag in this radiant collection is adorned with vibrant sequins and shimmering embellishments, capturing the essence and colors of different nations. Whether you're expressing national pride or simply embracing the spirit of wanderlust, the Global Gleam collection adds a touch of glamour to your style, making every outing a celebration of diversity and unity. Carry the world with you in these stunning, flag-inspired sparkly bags that illuminate your journey with a dazzling display of international flair.


Kindly enter the country flag of your choice into the designated box during the checkout process.

Handling time :

The creation of this item will commence upon receipt of your order, and the production process will take approximately 4-30 days to be meticulously completed. 


Measurements :

-Width : 12.5cm 
-Height : 11cm
-Depth : 12.5cm


Inside Material:

-Vegan leather

Detachable metal chain included